In the clouds....

Clouds Dominating...

As I work far from home, I have a chance to observe the sky on my journey to and from my office. Rather than day dreaming or dreaming the time away, sitting in the passenger seat of the's better for me to observe the interesting cloud formations painted in the sky.

I was surprised by the drama that is going on high above us,
...exciting things are going on there...

This is one of my favorite photo...I took it from the toll road one late afternoon. Long wispy gray clouds are drifting in front of a group of white ones,adding an additional dimension to the scene.

Clouds Decorating...

Oh this one is beautiful...very nice clouds to paint...

It's almost evening...and clouds are streaking past to go home...

 A Clear morning with clouds in lovely laces...

A calm sweep of clouds makes a tranquil background.

Clouds Menacing 

 Oh!! did I put that big strong umbrella ?

He he..Glad I'm out of this area fast....looks like something's brewing...

Hmm...our world's so small but the sky is so vast !!

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baemincoco410 said…
Hello myoce.

It is a beautiful photograph. I think that it is surely interested in your photograph because Mr. yongjoon likes photograph.

Japan becomes very cold for several days from today, and it seems
also to snow.
It might surely become cold also in Seoul where Mr. yongjoon.

Isn't it cold in your town?
Please takes care of health.

myoce said…
Dear Baemincoco,

How are you today ? Please keep yourself warm in the cold weather.

Oh,I'm sure it is cold in Korea too, but according to Manager Yang...Yong Joon nim is riding his bicycle along Han river. He must be very strong.

It doesn't get too cold in Indonesia...we only have hot season and rainy season. It is rainy now and the wind is cold too. The problem is floods...if it rains too much.

Dear Baemincoco, thank you for liking the cloud photos, there are many clouds here now, because of the rainy season.

Hoping you have a nice time in Japan with the beautiful winter scenery.

Love, myoce

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