'Ladies plus' Day Out on Lunar New Year

On Getting Together - with friends

Hmmm yesterday was a holiday and a fun day....

Two of my friends - including the former mentioned here - and I.... complete with our tails [in Indonesian meaning 'children'] went out together to a mall in our town, with the intention of doing some catching up and letting the kids have a good time. I also brought along my laptop to the hot- spot at the food court.....the ladies wanted to see my photos and this blog.

Since both of them are like me before I became computer literate...I got to show off my rudimentary computer skills in front of them.... he he he [me grinning smugly !!]. But I offered to transfer my knowledge to them as soon as they acquire their own PC [not shared with hubby & kids] :) Oh! They really enjoyed my blog and photos.... and I got a promise from my friend the artist [you know her, remember the orchids?] ...that I could show her creation in this blog. And...another one from my other friend, the great cook...for a delicious recipe to share here. Mission accomplished.

We had a fun time rambling here and there in our talks while the kids had fun rambling here and there in the mall. However, they joined us again as soon as food was on the table. We had "Mpek-mpek" [ a Palembangnese dish of fried fish dumpling with duck egg filling... in it's delicious sauce of soy and vinegar...with some noddles, cucumber and dried shredded shrimp on top] , Fried rice with sausage, Nasi Komplit [rice with it's companions of fried chicken, fried tempe, vegetables, krupuk and chilly paste].... Soto Sapi [ Beef stew cooked with coconut milk and spices] , coffee and more !!I did not get to take more pics, cos the Pancakes with ice cream were already in the childrens' tummy...he he he...they are fast.

We had a delightful surprise after we finished eating, I'm not telling you now...why don't you scroll down and see?? !!!!...

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