DDOB 17 - Baeartwork of mine

Sorry, I skipped a year...supposed to be 12292008


cyang said…
Hai myoce.....

How are you doing? Have been returned from your vacation? Is it great? I hope so

Heiiii....thank you so much for the pic

Oh...It is a refreshing seeing Joon's full of consideration eyes after been through several sleepless nights

Never thought that he is so worry about me.....hehehe

Thanks myoce....miss you so much
Hyds said…
love this photo Myoce..thank you xx nyt nyt.
myoce said…
Cyang ...me miss you too !

Kumaha eta buku ? Parantos rampung?
[di Jawa Barat jd org Sunda nich ]

Aku baru ditengah2...uda direbut Melchan..Katanya the ending makes her 'panasaran and mad' ha ha ha I'm wondering if I ought to finish it.But Melchan said I have to because it is very good. Anyway... it is very good till the middle.. I'm sure the same with the rest of the book.

Hope you are happy and healthy,Cyang

myoce said…
Dear Hyds,

he he he I know you like it...

Actually the words are a title of a poem...but I forgot where I read it.
I would have liked to give credit :(

I hope I can make s'more..and I'm always looking forward to yours !

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