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On Hospital Corridors - I walk

I take my mom to a hospital specializing on treating heart diseases once a month. The wait is always long, as sometimes she has to have lab and other relevant examinations scheduled by her cardiologist. I always bring a book or two...or paperwork from the office to fill my time there. But sometimes I can't help walk the corridors....

I look ahead of me and saw for the first time-after going there regularly for a few years now-an arresting picture ! I grabbed my camera....and got shy...cos there was so many people about, walking to and fro. I waited until the corridors were relatively empty, and started clicking away. These 3 pics I've BW-ed and warmified the colors ..I thought they're good enough to post here..

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Hyds said…
Good enough???? they are awesome!!! Sorry for late reply Myoce.. See? you are quicker to post than me.. I love them and it's so peaceful as well. It's such a long walk but looked relaxing.
Love, Hyds
Anonymous said…
Wonderful how the challenge of a camera makes you look more fully at the wonders created around you.

What are the graceful arcs in the window on the bottom photo?

myoce said…
Dear Hyds,
Sorry I'm so behind in replying !
Actually it's a very crowded corridor,but I managed to snap when there were few people.

We're both learning a lot !!

Love, myoce
myoce said…
Dear Silver Bronze,

The arcs you see are power cables,
I think they are working on them or replacing the old ones...they hang from the higher floors to the grass below.

Yes, I see things with different eyes now :)

Appreciate your comments always !

Love, puffy

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