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I decided to honor my friend's effort...dragging and pulling heavy flower pots this way and I could take pics of hidden flowers or so I could make my way to a certain out of reach plant. These are snippets of several leafy plants in and outside her garden. After this...I thought we were going in, but no...she said her neighbor has some orchids...and they are blooming we should go there first. Oh my !! I could imagine Chub's comment if he knew !! He'd say to Melchan, "'s invading someone's garden" .

I protested to my friend...saying that maybe her neighbor was resting and we'd be bothering her....but by the time I finished speaking, we were in front of the house...and the said neighbor was in her front yard !!
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Hyds said…
Hi Myoce!
Why does this post reminds me of my mum? She loves flowers and different exotic plants. If she likes someone's flowers she would go to the owner's house and I don't know how she did it but they would become friends and when she came home she had a new plant with her. I think she's very cheeky but not only did she get the plant, she found herself a friend too. They exchanged plants and also go to someone's friends to look at what they've got..
I was probably like Chub looking at mum going to the neighbor's house. I knew exactly what she's up to.
Thank you for sharing this.. I love to remember my mum this way. It makes me smile ;-)
Anonymous said…
O, sharing joys with another
Heaps joy upon joy
And we are never alone

myoce said…
Oh Hyds...your mum and mine would get along very well, they will spend all their time in the garden and talk plants.

My mom always carries a small plastic bag in her hand bag...just in case she gets a cutting or two of plants that she doesn't have hook or by crook ha ha ha

Love, myoce
myoce said…
Ow...Silver Bronze !!

So nice to see you.
You are right about's much more sweeter if it is shared.

I'm making new friends everywhere.

Please give my love to Jade :)

Have a nice week.
Love, puffy [too much good food at X-mas & New year]

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