The last batch...

Here we are at the last batch...I think I forgot to post one flower, O dear ! Ok ,wait a minute while I upload it. Phew, got's the pink one at the bottom here. I wouldn't want to disappoint my friend...she had bended the branch so I could take the picture he he .

The first plant is also a "butterfly flower/plant" but it's leaves have different colors , depending on it's stage of development [ err... I guess... ]. After taking our leave, we went back to my friend's house. This time we went inside and she gave me hot tea and cookies, oh ! Hot tea's my favorite drink, and not in dainty cups and saucers, but in big fat mugs ...hmmm good!!!. After chatting awhile, I really had to go as it was getting late....but not before making a date to meet again....because I have to lend her my Winter Sonata DVDs !!! YES...she wants to watch it ...she got curious about BYJ because I was always talking about him or about his dramas. I predict this is not the last you Baefamily will hear about her :)

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