Little J-Bear artwork 1

Credits : Original photo by Style at Byjgallery


baemincoco410 said…
Hello myoce.
Here was visited for the first time.

Are you myoce always written on BYJ South Korea official site?
I am baemincoco410 that has exhibited the Clay art on the site in the art gallery on BYJ South
Korea official site. I'm sorry if differing.

I also am managing the site and the blog of "Dearest BYJ", and it writes it every day.
When the blog of bb was found, it knew your blog.
It is very glad to find the name.

Moreover, I will visit. Thank you.
myoce said…
Dearest Baemincoco,

Oh it is nice to see you coming to my blog !!!

Yes, I am myoce who likes to write in KOB...I still do :)

I remember your artwork very well. My favorite is the TWSSG orchestra you made, with BYJ playing the violin. I also admire the cut out, the sugar decorations and many more clay figures of YJ from Scandal,100 days and more...I also like your BYJ dolls.

I will try to find your blog...but if it's in Korean or japanese..I can't understand it he he...

Very happy that you visited here, please come again. Have a wonderful New Year, dear Baemincoco !!

Love, myoce
baemincoco410 said…
Thank you for an answer.

I decide to display English in one's site.
Because the English is not the left side of the stage, I can use an interpreter, but I please permit it it when a meaning does not go.

Yong Joon seems to come to Guam.
I pray for that he can take the rest in Guam.
myoce said…
Dear Baemincoco,

Oh, I saw your blog,
It is very beautiful...I like BYJ's picture in underwater.
Thank you for telling me about it !

BYJ is now home again in Korea.
I hope he is healthy and well, and will attend the wedding we can see him again.

Have a nice day.
Love, myoce

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