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This post is dedicated to Concy, who has her birthday today, on January 26, 2009. It is already Jan 26 here in my country [the date in my blog is not my timezone] ... as usual, right now, at the time I'm posting this, your birthday has not arrived in countries out side Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and most Asian countries ....so you could celebrate it twice ! Have a super time with your family, Concy. I hope you enjoy this gift from me [and from Sophie..I'm sure she'd like to wish you the happiest of birthday too, so I'm mentioning her, as she's away]. Enjoy...

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Anonymous said…
Dear myoce,

Thanks for sharing those beautiful
tropical flowers.They are so beautiful.Some looks flowers of

This is truly a good present to concy.

BTW I made comments about your pompom's ordeal and recovery yesterday.Sorry it didn't reach you.Hope you will read my comments
today.I'm really bad at leaving comments in blogs.moichan
myoce said…
Dear Moichan,

Sorry for the late reply !
Glad to see you made it to this post's comment.I was worse than you on comments...at first I wasn't aware you could comment on blog posts...I just enjoyed them like window shopping he he.

Moichan, I will post more 'Tropical Flowers' soon...because I take a lot of pics everywhere I go...always on the look out..

I'm not sure what some of them are, two of them do look a lot like cactus [I will ask].

Thank you for looking in on me, Moichan !

Love, myoce

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