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On BYJ - in the classroom

[ Warning : This is a long post ]

If you are a teacher, you must be familiar with lesson plans. It helps us teachers in reaching the goals of the lesson and to manage the time for each component of the lesson. So we could look at it as the script and story board of our performance : as teacher and students [ I hope I'm correct in my assumptions he he ]. Of course we have to be flexible to circumstances out of our control, and be ready for 'Plan B' !

Thinking along those lines...I tried to make a " The Legend Lesson Plan " for an English as a Second Language class of Baestudents and share it with you, please bear in mind that this is just for fun and not at all academic !! Any protests and negative comments about it's in-academic-ity [ is that a word?...never mind...] will be well tolerated :) I hope you enjoy....

The Legend - Lesson Plan

Subject : BYJ in The Legend, Summary Writing.
Skill Focus : Reading & Writing [ Integrated skill focus]
Materials : Visual Aids/posters of BYJ in TWSSG, Dialog sheets/Handouts.
Objective : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to : love Yong Joon all the more and write a good summary .
Time : Negotiable

I . Motivation

- Teacher motivates students by eliciting student's knowledge of Bae Yong Joon and The Legend,
asking them which episode is their favorite and to tell a little bit of the story.
- Teacher shows BYJ's gorgeous posters [visual aids] and ask students in which episode they found Yong Joon ssi's performance most memorable [little to do with the lesson but it will really boost baestudent's motivation in learning ! ].

II. Skill Presentation

- Teacher distributes hand out A , a Dialog in one of the later episodes of TWSSG : [ Text taken from BYJ's Quilt, Translation of TWSSG, Ep.19 by Suehan nim ]

At the Main PaIace :

Damdeok: Did you have [time] to catch up with your family?

General: Yes, your majesty!

Damdeok: General, Joongeui! I heard that your wife is pregnant.

General Joong: She delivered a baby once I came back. It’s a girl.

Everybody laughed.

Damdeok: Officer Wooseok, did your son’s second birthday pass?

General Woo: Yes, your majesty. I have a son.

Damdeok: How about you two families tie the knot?

General Woo: His daughter is just like him. It’s a bit much, your majesty.

General Joong: What did you say?

Heukgae: You two look similar. What are you guys complaining about?

Everybody laughed.

General Joong: When are we leaving to Georan, your majesty?

Damdeok: As soon as possible.

Heukgae: We need to recruit and train them as well.

General Woo: Even Hogae’s army has to go quickly because Georan might attack us if we don’t get moving.

Heaukgae: That’s what I said. Hogae’s army killed so many Georans and now they seek for vengeance. I think all the soldiers have prepared the horses.

Damdeok: I don’t think we need more soldiers. But I’m thinking about taking hundreds of carriers to carry the supplies. Generals! Please make sure to inform the soldiers that our goal for the trip to Georan is to avoid the war, not to join in it. So, please emphasize that whoever, regardless of their position, attacks the enemies and cause unnecessary battle will be beheaded at the moment it is revealed.

Heukgae: Then, are we just going to move the military supplies for Hagae’s army, your majesty?

Damdeok: No. I want to bring the presents to our future brothers. We don’t have time to recruit and train them. If we recruit more, then the old and women might have to hunt and farm for themselves. If we collect the materials from the nobles and business men, then the materials will become scarce and will reach exorbitant prices. We have to go and bring materials quickly. We don’t have much time.

- Teacher presents the correct steps of summary writing , which are :

a. Find the theme of the reading passage/ dialog
b. Leave out details, illustrations , examples and irrelevant information.
c. Do not copy too much from the passage or dialog, use your own words as far as possible.
d. KISS [ keep it short and simple ]

- Teacher gives handouts B, examples of a [I think] correct summary of the dialog above :

King Damdeok was at the main palace, meeting with his generals. Before they discussed strategies, the king bantered a bit with the generals in a light mood. Then they entered into discussion about going to Goeran, Heaukgae is worried that they will encounter great resistance from Goeran due to Hogae and his army's actions, he thinks they should bring a lot of soldiers. King Damdeok does not agree, he wants them to be brothers and will bring supplies as presents for them. His intention is to stop war, not to join it. His instruction is to punish his men if they initiate battle.Damdeok doesn't want to take more men to war as they don't have time to train them and the action will result in suffering and difficult economic conditions for his people.

- Teacher explains each steps of Summary Writing to students by pointing out each of steps
taken in connection with the dialog.

III. Skill practice

- Teacher gives students hand out C, containing another dialog of TWSSG, and students are told to make a summary of it. This activity could be groupwork, pairwork or individual work, depending on the student's level of English comprehension [ Text taken from BYJ's Quilt, Translation of TWSSG, Ep.19by Suehan nim ] :

At Kuknaeseong :

Suzinee: Can I help you?

Damdeok: Who are you?

Suzinee: What?

Damdeok : What are you wearing ?

Damdeok: Hahaha, where are you going?

Damdeok: Why don’t you do it properly this time? Don’t forget to tie a hole like last time. Where did you go? It bothered me that you weren’t around. Did something happen at the Geomool Village? I saw your masters leave quickly

Damdeok: Tell me.

Suzinee: What?

Damdeok: It’s strange because you’re so quiet. Are you in trouble?

Suzinee: Please stay like this for a while; I want to think about something.

Damdeok: Are you crying? How dare you hold the King from behind?

Damdeok: Let me see your face.

Suzinee: I’m still drunk. It’s said that this bottle can make a drinker cry, really it happens. I came here to return this to you. You let me borrow this sometime ago, and you didn’t ask me to return it to you, so I have kept it for a while. I had a hard time not damaging it when I was fighting. It’s perfect, right? I wanted to hear, “You’re so pretty.” That’s why I wore this dress today. I want to be remembered this way. It’s embarrassing, really. I’m leaving.

Damdeok: What do you want me to remember? Get to the point.

Suzinee: How can I talk right if I am drunk?

Dadmeok: You’re beautiful. Whatever you wear, you’re beautiful. Is it okay now?

Suzine: You can’t change your mind later on, okay?

Damdeok: I can’t repeat it.

Suzinee: I’m leaving. Let me go, let me go.

Damdeok: Get sober soon, and don’t be late. The training will be starting. All the archers are waiting for you.

Suzinee: Yes.

Suzinee: The scent of your back is fantastic. Did you know that?

III. Reinforcement

- Teacher tells students to explain the steps taken in Summary writing based on their work.

IV. Assessment

- Students are to make a summary of a dialog ,their favorite Part of the Legend [ containing their favorite BYJ performance of course ! ].

V. In Retrospect

- Will be written after the lesson [mine would be: Oh,BYJ really looks gorgeous in the posters !!!]

Love, myoce


Hyds said…
OMG!!!You made a plan! Well done Myoce! I couldn't help smilling when I read it. I wouldn't be able to focus if I was the student..
Thanks for writing one.Reminds me of my teaching days ;-)
Love, Hyds
myoce said…
Ha ha ha Hyds, I've been meaning to make one since I joined KOB, but it takes I waited till I had some time off from work. CNY is a holiday here, so...

It's not perfect though..I've forgotten a lot.

Love, myoce

ps. as the teacher, I'd probably make a fool of myself too LOL !!

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