Clouds Drifting...

These are most probably heavy rain clouds, but they too are drifting...

It's morning but a group of rather suspicious clouds
are suspended and drifting lazily above us... suspicion was right ... keep your umbrella ready !!
Dear all, I hope you enjoyed the cloudy scenes.
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Hyds said…
Perfect!!!!! I love, love , love, love your clouds.. they are beautiful. Myoce, You are really good in taking these pictures..just like a Pro. I like the one which looked like a whirlpool of clouds taken on the 1st of December. The others are just awesome.. very dramatic cityscape. I have a long list here
inspired hyds ;-)
p.s these are the pictures which one woould wish they took them..
myoce said…
Oh Hyds, I am blushing at your compliments !!

Actually, I nearly forgot about these cloud photos...I was taking them since November...until I had enough for posting. There were loads..but I got these through elimination...which was hard, cos I loved them all.

Thank you, thank you Hyds...I love the clouds it's too rainy and more spectacular clouds, only dark rain clouds.

See you soon...Lots of love,
Hyds said…
You're lucky to have such expanse of fields plus being in the Pacific the weather is spectacular.. I don't get that a lot in here ;-( always dreary and miserable but you made me inspired to go out there and see what I could find ;-) Lots of love, Hyds
myoce said…
Hyds, I think there's something else you could concentrate on there in England that are not present in other countries...

I really love the photos you took of the English countryside...It's so professionally done

Don't look up all the time ..looking at clouds I'll bump into something :) he he he

LOVE, myoce

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