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BYJ, 'took photo' of Madam Kim Yoonok

Exclusive meeting at the 'Cheongwadae (Blue-roof House: Korean President's formal office and residence), Exchanged opinions on globalization of Korean cuisines…Also took o photo modeling Madam Kim[Dailian]11/10/09 11:57:42

'Yon-sama' Mr. BYJ visited the Cheongwadae on the 10th. If was to meet Madam Kim Yooonok, wife of President Lee Myeongbak.

Regarding the meeting between Madam Kim and the Hallyu‘ star Mr. Bae on that day, (spokesperson of) the Cheongwadae said, "It was to have various consultation from Mr. BYJ, who runs Korean restaurants and has published a book on Korean Culture, because Madam Kim is leading globalization of the Korean cuisines and because next year is the Year to Visit Korea," and "(Madam Kim) plans to meet people related to globalization of Korean cuisines or Korean culture in order from now on."

Mr. Bae met Madam Kim at the Sangchoonjae, Cheongwadae', having conversation on Korean cuisine, and personally taking Madam Kim's photo.

“It is the first time Madam Kim held an exclusive meeting in the Sangchoonjae"

It was about 10 in AM when Mr. Bae arrived at the Sangchoonjae, Cheongwadae. Mr. Bae first asked the meaning of the Sangchoonjae. For that, Lee Dongkwan, Chief Public Relation Officer at the Cheongwadae, explained that "The meaning is a place like spring all the time," and "They say that it used 300 years old pine tree as its rafter." Also, Chief Officer Lee introduced that "Although Madam Kim had met several people at the Sangchoonjae, it is the first time only two people met exclusively."

Madam Kim, who was a little late greeted Mr. Bae saying, "I had carefully read all of the book you previously presented to me," and "(while opening the book), you also autographed the book. You also wrote a story about the Gosireh." For that, Mr. Bae answered, "Although I wanted to go to Grand Festival of Temple Cuisine held at the Bongnyeong Temple in Suwon, I was not able to go. I did not feel too well."

The two people also chatted friendly while talking to the Sangchoonjae, and Madam Kim introduced that "(Sangchoonjae is) the place we serve meals to heads of countries," and "We entertain Korean cuisines to foreigners." To that, Mr. Bae asked, "(Looking at persimmon tress next to the Sangchoonjae) "Do you pick persimmons and personally eat?" and Madam Kim told him an event to pick persimmons with Cheongwadae Children Press Corp a while ago.

Mr. Bae, saying, "Would you please give me several when I leave?", he personally took photo of Madam Kim as he told Madam Kim, "I will take yout photo." Madam Kim showed thanks saying "You seem to take good photograph" as if she was a little girl.

Madam Kim, “(I am) agonizing over choosing Korean menu for President Obama,(I) personally select menu for heads of countries”

The two people moved inside of the Sangchoonjae, and talked about the globalization of Korean cuisine.

First, Madam Kim said, "When I met wife of Japanese Prime Minister in Thailand, she told me about meeting Mr. Bae. She also asked me if I had met (BYJ) in Korea," and "I was very surprized as she said 'Thank you' in Korean (Gomabseubnida), when Thai chef served meal." For that, Mr. Bae smiled saying, "I read a report in a press that she said 'please give rice also' in Korean when she ate Kimchi when she visited Korea."

When Mr. Bae told Madam Kim, "You seem to be highly interested in traditional culture and traditional cuisine, and actively working for them", Madam Kim said, "As I have lived as a home maker for 38 years, I know about the general food well, although I do not know much of traditional cuisine," and "I am interested in the way to globalize those. I believe that selecing the menu is important for Korean cuisine. The Palace Cuisine, which people generally think as Korean cuisiine, is actually a healthy food focusing on the health rather than on taste."

Continuing on, Madam Kim said, "Among them (Korean food). everyone likes Sinseonro (mixed vegetables, meat, and seafood, etc. serving in a brass chafing bowl). In particular, when one personally explains while serving the Sinseonro, people get interested in it. A while ago, President of Bulgaria visited and he ate rice with the Sinseonro. He also place Kimchi on rice." and "They say that President Obama also had Chapchae(fried noodle with vegetables, mushrooms and meat) and Boolgogi (grilled marinated meat), when he lived in Hawaii. Chapchae is delicious, and Tangpyeonchae (Julienned Jello made of starch (ming bean, acorn, buckwheat etc) mixed and seasined with vegetables with & without little meat) is also delicious. President Obama will visit Korea at this time, and I am agonizing a lot to serve which Korean menu. I personally choose the menues when heads of foreign country visit."

When Mr. Bae amazed at Madam Kim who explained in detail the taste or acceptance of Korean cuisine of heads of foreign countries, saying "How come do you know so much?,", Madam Kim said laughing, "When foreigners visit, I observe what they eat with concern. If there are food that they do not touch, I agonize over the reason for it."

BYJ "Japan, does not issue visa without 10 year career experience", Madam Kim "Will examine positively the ways to improve it."

Mr. Bae asked about our government's programs to educate chefs, and Madam Kim also introduced the courses to educate Masters and Star Chefs. Regarding that, when Mr. Bae appealed the difficult points saying, "Although I would like take along young people (to Japan), they do not issue visa without 10 years' experience," and ""Even though young and talented people have to work as chefs, there are much difficulty in inviting them," Madam Kim answered, "We will positively examine the ways to improve that."

Madam Kim continued talking, "First, there are many side dishes in Korean cuisine, and people think that the side dishes are bonus. As you know, we tend not to go (to a restaurant) if there aren't bonus dishes of steamed egg and mackerel pike," and "Because of that, we have to develop set menus. The 'Wooraeok in LA seems to serve delicious food for the tasts of American people. In NY also, a young person opened a Bibimbab restaurant, and they say thaty it is highly popular. They also allow take outs."

When Mr. Bae admired at that saying "How can you be so well informed like that?", Madam Kim told, "I have some acquaintances in US, and because basically I read with interest when it comes to Korean cuisine, I seem to remember well," and "expressed her will to globalization of Korean cuisine saying, "from now on also, I plan to consult many people on Korean cuisine and Korean culture.

Reported by Dong Seonghye, Dailian
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