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Hi, Long time no least that's how I feel. Me have full working days everyday , with 7 workdays a week for this month and probably the first week of December. Everyday I only have time to read up on current news and by the time I get back to my own site, I'm already too tired to blog :( ...yea...I know...old story right? Anyway...wanted to ramble and comment about the latest on BYJ, KHJ, SS501 and things in my life a bit.

First about BYJ, there's news that he's gotten over the sepsis, and will be resting until the end of this year. So glad to hear that, cos health is a precious thing. His book's doing more than it's already a bestseller in Korea [and maybe in Japan?], was in it's 10th printing just seven days after it was marketed ! I'll just have to stock up on patience till they produce the English version of the book .

Now about the news that Hyun Joong's NOT doing the 'Pet' movie, well.... even though disappointed won't be seeing him in a new film soon...maybe it's for the better. If it were true, I have no problem with it...but if it's true he's not doing it...then I hope if he's going to involve him self in another film, he will get a better story...something better than being a 'pet' he he...

Then there's loads of new news about SS501 and each member, in their own individual activities, I'm sure you know more about it than I do :( As for Music Bank.....their day will come, I'm sure^^. Love Like This is a very addictive song...., also it. About MY SS501 Rebirth Special Edition Album...well, I ordered late cos I was distracted by my trip, so mine probably will be the last to hoping it'll arrive before December huuu huuu !

Ok, now about this blog...truthfully, me not satisfied with the current lay out. I find it a bit messy he he...but I don't have time to tinker with it I'll have to bear it [and you'll have to also ^^]. I'm also wondering if I should have a blog for each subject I blog about , y' especially for BYJ, one for KHJ and SS501, one for personal stuff...etc etc...on third thought, I think I can't DO that. One blog's already un-manage-able...not to speak of three....splotch THAT idea !! You all will just have to suffer through my hodge podge of a blog patiently.

Last but not least, about the videos below. The first video's just wonderful...even though there was a MAJOR DISTRACTION in the form of Leader's belt becoming unbuckled somewhere in the middle of the performance...totally distracting fans ^o^ **blush ** blush** 'course he kept on dancing...but at one point he glanced down....probably to check if there were more things becoming undone !! O dear...** more blushh** I know it wasn't intentional, but it seems something interesting's always happening to Leader ^^...** he he ...more blushes ***

PS. get ready for ' jealous mode overload' for the third video....see you later,Ok

Video from YT by shirbogurl, a ton of thanks to you !!

Video from YT by Super Ting 18, thank you !

Video from YT by anpanfany, thanks a lot ^^


Hyds said…
Cheers for the recap Myoce. I enjoyed reading it. Hehehe I thought it's only me thinking about having more than one blog but true hard to manage even one. On my part no one would probably be interested. Anyhow take care and look after yourself.. I understand how busy you could get .. btw miss talking to you.
myoce said…
Oh Hyds, I miss talking to you too. This is the risk of having a job with irregular hours/ schedules.

Good luck on your new blog ! I will see if I can still salvage my other blog from extinction...maybe turning it into a blog about something else or getting it ready for use when this one is full and I don't want to upgrade^^

You have happy days now !

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