SS501's Kim Hyung Joon - a talented and gorgeous baby..

I really feel for baby if some rude remarks hurt him. Luckily he's too much of a talented [and super gorgeous guy] get his image dented by any negative remarks. Kim Hyung Joon Fighting !!

Video from YT by hyunjoonangel

Video from YT by kyureee

Video from YT by kyuree

Would you believe there's a video called " no chocolate" for Hyung Joon ??? he he...I think it's because of his great keep it like, no eating chocolate....he he wanna see ? Ok, just click here... maybe you'll get what it's talking about...the captions are in Hangul.


Nad said…
I think HJB has the best English accent out of all of them. Love his voice too.
I think the "No Chocolate" vid is about him not having "chocolate abs", aka what was used to be called "washboard abs" back in my days... lol
He's cute nonetheless...
kimmy said…
hey! i love baby! i saw a fanmade video of him, it's really good. check it out..

Hyung jun, don't be sad, we triple s are behind you all the way!
myoce said…
Hi Nad,

You're right about the abs, and his English pronunciation is great.

I think his voice sounds " more mature " than his age LOL ! it's a manly it too^^
myoce said…
Hi Kimmy,

Oh, thanks ...the video's wonder, it's phtriples who made it ! She's been here and I sometimes go to her site.

Hyung Joon fighting !!

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