Joongbo - The Spirit, The Possibilities and The Love

What is it about The Joongbo couple or the Ssangchu couple that leaves a lasting and deep impression on a lot of us ?? What does the combination of a man named Kim Hyun Joong and a woman named Hwang Bo have that is so special, that it could influence us this way?

To this day I'm still pondering about the magic of Joongbo...


Have you noticed the two of them are full of spirit ? Especially if Hyun Joong is not too tired out filming BOF and Hwang Bo is in a good mood ^^ They will embrace their mission and go about it with spirit ...Hyun Joong might look calm and quiet at the beginning, but he really gets into it once he starts something....the two of them have competitions galore ! Their fighting spirit really burns bright.


Even mundane chores can blossom with possibilities with the Joongbo couple. The possibility of something interesting happening when they are around is very high....with their different characters and the development of their relationship with each other. The air around them crackles with exciting possibilities.


Ok, I realize most of my readers will groan when reading this...please read on and humor me a minute. Yes, L O V E ..... I don't know and I'm not saying that there was ever love between them then or ever. Who knows? Only they do. But the awkward moments, even nearing the end of their stay in the show, are the moments just because they are both quiet ? And all those competition, and activities....even when they were tired....could be taken to mean they are using them to avoid having quiet moments together...where there would only be silence between them... meaningful heart beating silences...when they can't bear to meet each other's eyes....and see the reflections of each other's feelings in them. How about the shy loving glances?....

What ever happens in the future, even if they don't end up with each other....I'm very thankful to all things that came together and made Kim Hyun Joong be paired up with Hwang Bo in WGM, I really am..and will continue to regard their experience in WGM as an muse...sparking the spirit and possiblity of love in all things I do.

Video from YT by niena125

Video from YT by Raineystarfong

Video from YT by Itstraus

Video from YT by JoongBoSkittles03

Video from YT by JoongBoSkittles03

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daydeq said…
i like what you said..even this post been past year but it still logical for accept the world
myoce said…
Thanks, Daydeg !

I refuse to think negative things about Joongbo....I want them to be a positive influence on me :) I hope it was a positive experience for Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.

To the world !
Unknown said…
i love kim hyun joon...i think she's perfect for him
myoce said…
Hi Ziswe !

Yup, no matter what people say, I love seeing Jongbo's interaction :)

Thanks !

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