i dun care

just wanted to say i dun care what KHJ said....

me feel otherwise....

i KNOW it's only a reality show !!

do i have to drag all the Joongbo videos from You Tube to this blog??

Video from YT by JoongBoSkittles03

Video from YT by blurryfella87

Video from YT by imei02


The Lee Family said…
Are you referring to HJL recent ideal girl? I feel I am going crazy over such silly stuff but it did bother me in a way. Hwang Bo I wish her well.
myoce said…
Dear "The Lee Family",

Hi, nice to meet you here^^

Yes, I am referring it. A very grown up adult like me shouldn't care so much about this fact, but I find myself feeling sad and re watching lots of WGM episodes. They were so happy there...

I wish Hwang Bo the best also... she's just great.

The Lee Family said…
Hi Myoce

Love your new layout on your blog. They look like lollies, are they? Just kidding.

Anyway, always like your selections. I believe you must have put in lots of effort. Mine looks so dull. Just to let you know that I decided to move on with my life telling myself it was just another reality show. There was just too much of disappointment from HJL's action and speech. Hwang Bo deserves a man who cares for her as much as she cares for others.

myoce, I had deleted all the links of SS501 except yours because I enjoyed what you wrote on your blog. Hope to talk to you again. Cheers
myoce said…
Dear "The Lee Family",

Hi again...so happy you replied, and so sorry for the late reply from me. Thanks for the compliment, I know I ought not care so much on the appearance... but on the content of my blog... but I love tinkering with it.

I don't think your blog looks dull, besides... it's alive with the great family happenings [ big or small ]that you blog about^^ If you decide to change it, you could try out different templates and color combination.

Same here, I should not care too much about Joongbo, but I do.. although I really could not judge Hyun Joong that hard^^.... because of many things [if I get into them it will take several pages probably]. I think some Joongboers are feeling ambivalent..

If I miss Joongbo I go to these places [actually the same place] :




He he...maybe you know of the place already?

Oh, my reply's so long, you must be bored !

CU later,

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