Kim Hyun Joong's BOF Performer Files - Watch at your own risk ^^

Err....I came across three un-subbed videos of Hyun Joong's performance and BTS in Boys Over Flowers. Problem is...this is the first time I saw him filming the kissing scene with Han Chae Young [other than seeing the scene in the drama I mean] at your own risk, Ok! ...Leader fans will go on a 'jealous mode overload' for sure^^ Y''s somewhat different from the one in the drama, I wonder how many times they shot that particular scene ? ..^___^..

Here we could also see many interesting BTS-es, including the time Hyun Joong carved SS501 on the ice center piece /table decoration...that I've blogged about previously.

All videos from YT by meteora1006.
Photo credit as labeled.


Nad said…
I wish these had english subs!
Thanks for posting!
myoce said…
Hi Nad...

Oww me too...or we'd better learn Hangul..but I don't have time ..sob.

CU !
Nad said…
I know! and it sucks that Korean is one of the toughest languages to learn...or so I've heard. =(
Oh well, there's always BODY LANGUAGE! LOL ;)
Nad said…
Lovin' the new Holidays look, btw!
myoce said…
Thanks a lot Nad !

I wanted to enroll in a Korean language course here...but all the class scheduled collides with my work schedule :(

Agree on body language !! lucky for us Hyun Joong and SS501 members are very expressive ^^

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