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One of my hobbies is beading...I mean making things from beads, any kind of beads....wooden, plastic, acrylic, ceramic and others....of course it led to beading with stones and crystals. A few years ago I had to have an operation that needed a rather long convalescence time [imo] . I looked for a way to fill my time so I wouldn't die of boredom at home. I have a lovely cousin, who's been like a sister to me. My cousin's hobby is bead I asked her to teach me some simple beading styles. Before the operation she taught me how to make pencil cases from beads ....and after the operation she taught me how to make hand bags and shoulder bags. I think my progress wast a bit fast, because I couldn't do anything but lie or sit ...and bead....I really put my heart in to avoid thinking about things I couldn't do yet, which were going back to work and all the activities I usually do with the kids. I was really grateful to my cousin for patiently teaching me the art of beading, and she was very happy seeing me develop the skills.

My efforts on beading caught my mom's attention.....she learned to make bead bags ...and excelled in it much more than I did. By that time I was making animal figures, vases and jewelry ...oh I loved creating jewelry from beads, crystals and stones. Sadly, by that time also my cousin's health began to fail, she got sick for several months and died of brain tumor at the age of 45. I miss her badly...she is the sister I never had and my great comforter. As I took pictures of these beautiful beads, I remember her....her love and kindness to me. Rosye, I love you !

Beads : CUKO 's collection. Bogor, Indonesia.
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Hyds said…
Hello Myoce!! Glad to see you back.. I hope you are enjoying things at the moment. Speaking of beading I like your works..they look lovely and chic.
I just received the ebony beaded bracelet today. Do you think you could make one with ebony beads too?? Mine came from Burma and should be good for meditation.
Take care.
Love, Hyds
myoce said…
Oh Hyds, I did not make these...they are my friend's beads [she has a bead shop... I buy beads there]these beads are just stringed together...I arrange them a little so it looks a bit artistic.

I'll show you my beads after this...I have to hunt up the beads, stones and jewelry...but I don't have much now. My friends have bought them all, they also "ordered" matching sets from me [ earrings, bracelets and necklaces]. When I started to wear my own design and creations to the office, they started ordering...I became a sales lady overnight ha ha ha...
Orders went up to hundreds...with a lot of them being taken by a friend to Jakarta to sell... by requests.

I was exhausted Hyds...and stopped production !!

Luv, myoce
flowerbossa said…
Hi myoce,

These beads are beautiful!

Too bad you stopped "production" because I would have loved to order from you.

Let me know if you decide to restart your business^^


p.s. It's wonderful that you and your mother have learned the craft of beading from your cousin - she will remain with you forever that way...
myoce said…
Oh, Flowerbossa !

How are you? I don't know if I could start production again...I stopped because it was interfering with my main job. I had to stay up late and my fingers were hurting from pulling nylon threads..he he

You're right about my cousin,[she used to live with us] I will always remember her this way...I don't know why, but after I posted the article, I re-read for misspelling...and tears started falling.

Thank you, Flowerbossa ! Please give my respects to Pallet.

Love, myoce

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