Friendly round objects...

On Art- near the sidewalk

Something interesting happened to me when I took pictures of these giant colored balls. Last Sunday, the whole family [hubby, me and 2 kids] took a ride to a place called 'Sentul City'... it's a very beautiful housing estate with complete facilities : international standard school, golf club, office space, restaurants, artificial lake, outbound areas..etc. There's a mall and a restaurant there that we usually go to, that's where we were headed. I had planned to take pictures of beautiful plants the landscape artist had scattered artistically all over the area. Then I saw these giant colored balls...and I forgot all about the plants !! I told my husband to stop the car, and got out.....and ran to the balls. I took a long time taking pictures from the sidewalk ...trying out different angles. ....suddenly, I saw Melchan running to me....and Chub's body was half out the car window, both hands waving . Oh dear - I thought - has something happened? Melchan told me we have to hurry up and leave....we were not allowed to take pictures of the balls !.... OH !!! My hubby told me that a security officer approached our car and asked if we had papers for taking pictures of the big balls. I think this is the first time something like this happened to me, I've never been reprimanded by security officers before....for taking pictures of art placed in public places. There was a sign near the balls, it said "DILARANG! MENGINJAK TAMAN, MEMANJAT BOLA" [ Translation : FORBIDDEN ! STEPPING ON THE GARDEN, CLIMBING UP THE BALLS] but it did not say anything about taking pictures. Hubby said maybe there's another sign in the area that we didn't read. Oh well, if I disappear after this, you'll know I was arrested...please, get me a good lawyer !

Location : Sentul City, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
Giant Colored Balls art, Artist unknown
[ I'd have written the name of the artist if they had put it there...]

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Hyds said…
Hi Myoce,
It is surprising though because they looked like they were everywhere and obviously for attraction purposes, isn't it? They look cute.. I wonder why pictures aren't allowed..take care next time.. I won't be able to bail you out hehehehe ;-)
myoce said…
Hi Hyds !

Yep... me wondering about that too,
one way to appreciate art is to record it in photos...

Won't bring my camera next time I go there :( I'll take care and not make more illegal snapshots.
Thanks for the support.

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