Recycled Heart ?

A few days no blogging, modem's power supply got struck by lightning. We had to find a replacement. Yes.... our city - called 'rain city' - really attracts lightning more than any other places around [according to survey]. It seems there's a large metal deposit beneath us. Last year it was my TV....even with an 'anti lightning rod' or whachomightcalit on the roof . Maybe it's more logical to think that the lightning came through the Telephone lines [modem] and Antena [TV]. Any way, I've missed all of you ! And I also miss doing Picasa art in my, I "did" one of my photographs and turned it into [I hope] a work of art. I love Tagore and I love Picasa....besides, one of my mom's plants has this almost perfect heart shaped leaf.... and I took advantage......
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