Sometimes you come to a rough patch in your life...or experience a huge mind blinding problem that is too hard to solve. You go round and round in circles, but always come back to the same point....with no end in sight. For me, I always feel trapped and alone. I forget I'm not by myself.....there's a power that's always with me and in me.....and He will not give me something I will not be able to overcome. Problems always's my attitude that matters. I hope to have a positive attitude from now on....


Hyds said…
Just hang in there and remember that you've got friends and your family who love you and are there for you ;-) I have been throunh tough times recently and found angels when I thought there's no hope..
Unfortunately things like this happen but like you said there's no obstacles that we couldn't overcome. I still beleieve on that and Him above.
Your friend,
Hyds said…
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myoce said…
Dear Hyds,

I'm motivated to do better by your words of support. Yes, I've met angels on earth also. I hope things will be better as time pass and solutions appear. I just have to be patient to be shown the way.

This blog's become like a diary, that I couldn't help pouring my feelings in to it:)

Have beautiful spring days in your Japanese garden !

Love U, myoce

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