Look up to the sky and see

Sometimes I feel I spend most time of my life on journeys...in cars and other transportation. Since being interested in photography, because of BYJ, the time I spend on journeys have become more pleasant and more of an opportunity for me. Now I gaze out the car window and really pay attention to nature unfolding it's beauty. I look up to the sky and see awesome wonder everyday, so I started collecting photographs of usual things happening in nature all around me on my journeys to and from work. Even if it's just a patch work to resemble panoramic view, I hope you enjoy [Photoshop is still a big mystery to me, so I don't use it].

The sky nearing sunset at Mt. Salak

The sky above my house one evening ...

The sky at Sentul City one day...

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cyang said…
myoce said…
Oh, Cyang !! Long time no see !!

Thanks a lot for your wonderful word !! He he...the sky IS magnificent isn't it....I thank God every time I see a gorgeous sky.

Cyang, apa kabar ? uda lama tidak bertem...Selamat bekerja ya !
Love, myoce

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