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Since there were some comments from Baefriends /Baesisters about the beads...I decided I'd show some of mine. Trouble home is in chaos, as we are rewiring the whole house [for electricity] and right now the house looks like a ware house....everything under sheets and newspapers...dust everywhere from parts where they had to make holes in the walls. This morning I hunted my bead boxes high and luck ...I was sneezing and sniffling already and could only find two small boxes of beads....the bulk of it still 'missing' somewhere under the sheets . I dusted off everything....put a piece of white paper over something near a window, so I'd get some light to shine on the beads for taking pictures.
I found a good spot with enough light to take photos of the beads...Yep ! I put my white paper on top of a pillow on the bed near the window....arranged the beads...and started snapping. Not as easy as I thought it would be...the beads [specially the round ones..] kept falling off the pillow and rolling everywhere on the floor [of course me had to go down on all four to retrieve them].

Above is what we call 'burnt silver' ...I use it for creating jewelry but I don't have any examples of them yet....I'll have to wait till my house is put to right. Below are plastic flower beads...we use them to make jewelry and bead bags.

I do hope you enjoy the beads and bead work here,
they are works of an don't be disappointed Ok ^^

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