Beaded figures..

Oh ! this acrylic bead dog was soo hard to make! I don't follow instructions from friend lent me hers and I made it by looking at her dog. I spent several days looking at the example till my eyes teared.

This plastic bead crocodile was fun to make, trouble can't add the string in the middle. You just have to start with a very very long string...and get entangled in them helplessly till you finish the croc..he he he...I made this one using left over beads from making bead bags. There's another better croc...a blue-purple one...but hubby has kidnapped it :)

He he...I can make several sizes of turtles...from giant ones to the one for pendants and brooches. It depends on the size of the beads and the size of myoce's patience...ha ha..

Oh! this is all I could find ....I love making doll clothes, this is one of the simpler ones. I remember when my friends started to 'order' these dolls...with their color preferences...I brought my bead work in a bag everywhere and attacked them every time I had to wait for something somewhere. The toy shop owner was surprised I bought so many dolls...he'd be even more surprised if he had seen me cutting all the dolls at their waist and throwing away all their legs !
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Anchy said…
Hello! Can you make tutorial how to make a turtle pendant?

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