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On Melchan and I - together

Quiet time in Baeland again, and Baefamily are pursuing many other things to fill the days till we can see Yong Joon ssi on screen again. It's because of bb , that now melchan and I are head over heels over the JoongBo couple at WGM, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. I did not pay that much attention when bb started blogging about this cute little urchin boy - being too obsessed by BYJ - I've never looked at anyone else...he he he. Cos bb kept blogging 'bout him....I thought there's no harm in looking at one clip...and ....another...and another...and ...I went down hook, line and sinker !! melchan and chub thought their mom had gone crazy....everyday laughing like mad in the middle of the night !

Well, after that I started looking for information about KHJ and HB on my own...and downloading stuff at top speed ! I started talking to melchan about it and melchan saw one clip.....and she's been begging me ever since to let her see the whole thing. Now, everyday we set aside time to watch JoongBo together. Melchan keeps saying "Oh, mom ! he looks so much like BYJ when he does that" or.... [pointing at the screen] "Look, when he tilts his head like that, he looks like BYJ". Hmmm, I didn't mention any thing about BYJ to her, so...it's not just me who thinks so. In this post I've put photos of BYJ and KHJ alternately....see if you think so too.

On the first two photos, they really can pose ! I know...there's the director and all...but still...As for the second couple of pix...wow they do have a similar "look". I do see shades of BYJ in KHJ that endears him more...O...O...definitely hooked !! Ha ha ha...

Both of them look good with long hair, 
also look good in any hair color..

And they both can look younger than their real age...

Melchan has informed me to be ready for a take over of a few posts in my blog..She's going to have her say about KHJ here !! O my, I hope she doesn't take over completely... or I'll have to publish another blog :) She said, "Mom, let me post about KHJ using cool [young people's] language, not like yours ".....O dear..

Photo credits as labeled. Some with no labels are taken from Baesites in the internet and photobucket.com, thank you to everyone who made these photos available on line.

Oh, melchan and I love to watch KHJ practice dancing this for UR Man, even though he didn't sing it with his group SS501, because he was filming BOF.

I got this from u-tube, uploaded by 501bjoo, it has more than 41.890 views now, and rating of 180. If you'd like to rate it click here .


regie said…
Dear myoce,

Salam kenal, it's good to know that I have a bae-sister in Indonesia.Talk to you later ya..

love n peace,
Hyds said…
OMG I missed that part about him dancing!!mmm didn't know he could dance..hehehe He certainly could move ;-)
Is he the next big thing?? I'm not surprise if he is, someone to keep our eye on but as for the looks nothing like BYJ Myoce hehe.
Veryyyyy interestinggggg..mmhhh possibly, could be, shall we look for more clips?? I dread this bit.. no harm in looking is there ?
take care.
myoce said…
Dear Regie,

Waaaa...senang nya, ada Baesister Indonesia yg mampir di blogku !
There's so few that I know ...I only know Cyang in KOB and Deka if in Soompi.

Pleeeeaseee drop by again !!!
Ditunggu ya..

Love, myoce
myoce said…
Ha ha ha Hyds,

Of course he doesn't have have BYJ's look ...he just sometimes has shades of him....I know...I'm seeing BYJ in everybody's image who has a little resemblance ...maybe cos I'm missing him he he

Nobody can replace YJ Hyds !!

Do watch JoongBo in WGM...they are so interesting and funny....I'm addicted till now :)

Love, myoce
Hyds said…
I started watching thanks to you hehehehehe yes yes like it too..ohh nooooo YJ help!!!!! hehehhe
myoce said…
Hi Hyds,

He he he...so it's catching. If you want to see the whole thing and don't want to bother looking in U-tube, you can see bb's blog or SSangchu Heaven and allseoulout. They are great places...besides Soompi JongBo thread...

To bad some of the eng.sub. episodes were pulled out cos of copyright issue ... I think.

See you,

PS, I'll write as soon I'm not too swamped :(

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