Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

This flower's color is a very pale peach and when I took the photo ,the colors did not come out. So I heightened the saturation of colors in Picasa. Now the beauty is clearer...but I think the ethereal and transparent quality of the original is lost......sigh...

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Hyds said…
hehehehehe I remember this flower sooo well. It's my childhood friend. I remember as a kid I collected the buds and pretended that I was cooking them in a tin pot.. I know it was strange but those were the days.. I smile everytime I see them :-)
Thanks Myoce..
myoce said…
Yes, Hyds...they are common flowers here too...the red one specially, are everywhere...

We call it 'Kembang Sepatu' or Shoe Flower...I don't know why he he he
I played with it when I was small also, and one more small flower that we used to suck the nectar from...forgot the name..^^

Love, myoce

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