Stunning Hues

I stopped by the bank on my way home from work a few days ago, got out of the car and looked up....OH WOW!!!! mouth just fell open ! Resisting the urge to snap a picture then and there....with great self control, I went into the bank to take care of business first. In my mind, I kept hoping the orange cloud would still be there when I come out :)

The sky is so romantic at sunset,
just right for lovers strolling together :)

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Anonymous said…
Wow! myoce, the beauties of sky are incredibly beautiful...the changes of colors are just awesome!! I don't know much about cameras but the discontinued kodak model you have there, has done some amazing works. To me, you are a pro!! Thanks for always sharing beautiful pictures with us. love concy
myoce said…
Hi Concy !

Yes, I'm as awed as you !
He he...yep I just love my little camera...It really livens up my blog.
I'll have to stop blogging if something happens to it :(

Good luck with your PC !!!

Love U, myoce

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