Saturated Photo

I thought I'd relax and do some Picasa art, transforming my plain photographs into something different. By saturating the colors ..... I turned a plain photo of some bushes in the neighborhood in to this picture. When I contemplate on it.....the hues and tints reminded me of the beautiful designs on Japanese ladies' Kimono....
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Hyds said…
H i Myoce!
How are you? Everything's sorted? I like the effect of the picture.. it's very summery. I love the mixtures of colors and the tall plants.
Take care.
myoce said…
Thanks Hyds.
Well, not everything is sorted out.. but eventually they will be. Still have some hurdles to jump. I think I'll need a vacation he he he [impossible...since I teach a 'special vacation package' class in Jakarta every year]...he he he.

wish me luck, and you too !
LUV, myoce

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