Bowing out for a while

Hi hi...

Feel like I haven't been blogging for a year .....sob..

Yep. Unfortunately something happened two days ago that makes me unable to blog for sometime in this near future. I don't like to use strange computers to uncomfortable ! But my computer has been struck by a virus...or has some other serious maladies that yours truly certainly isn't able to understand...much less repair herself. I type or click something ... nothing moves on the laptop screen ...just get the start up page...can't even type in my password !!'s on but it doesn't respond to commands from the mouse or keyboard.

BYJ is still in meditation, KHJ's busy in Manila and SS501 is sorta in a hiatus [?] little o' me will be in hibernation for some time too....get ready for a full out frontal attack when I'm back...GGGRRRrowl...he he he...just kidding. I'll still try to blog a little when ever I can.

I also cannot access my EO6 email account with my dear friends who has been emailing me through that mail acc....miane....I will open it later....please use my gmail acc. Please wish me luck with the computer...ok....

Eat well, smile a lot, be optimistic !
Life is short, so LIVE IT WELL!!
God bless you.....

See y'all later,

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annacronism said…
Dear myoce,
I hope you get this message. How sad about your computer. I understand, because I too have been having problems, again. Just when I thought everything was working fine; bam, more troubles.
I am going to miss you, dear sister. I will be waiting, eagerly for the time when you are able to blog from your own computer, again.
Please, don't worry too much about not posting for a while. I understand, and I know the other sisters do, too. My prayers are with you in your difficulties. Take care and be well. Hope to hear from you soon.
myoce said…
Dear Anna,

Thanks a lot...hope to be able to blog freely again. Am also so tired off line and need a breather^^

An old lady like me can't keep up with the young ones he he he...

Good luck with your blogs !!
Love, myoce
Hyds said…
Hello Myoce,
I hope things get's sorted soon. Get plenty of rest and time for yourself.
It's strange how changes in our daily lives affect us but stay healthy and focus. Thinking of you.
I should have something nice to tell you when you get back :-)

myoce said…
Hi Hyds,

Sooo happy to hear about the something nice....can I guess??
me will email you he he

Ya ... me having great and medium sized problems to figure to's better to ease off OL for a while.

Thanks !

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