SS501's Leader - skull on his back, dragonflies on his sleves ^^

I'm sure most of you have seen this pix of Hyun Joong in Manila.
And I was looking at the decorated suit...the back side....
oh....there's a skull inside the oval....see it??

Me probably the last one to see it...being tardy at everything :(


Reminds me of the skull cut out I made for Hyun Joong's B-day scrapbook...
I stuck it at the back of the card ^^

Here's another gorgeous photo of HJL,
with something he hates on his sleve...hehe....a dragonfly !! :

See the dragonfly ??? ? look down here...
[ Reminds me of WGM and Ssangchu/Joongbo couple !! ]


Photo credit as labeled, thank you so much PLUTO !!


Lynne said…
Hi Myoce! Glad to see you back in action ...kekeke
Didn't notice that it was a dragonfly on the sleeves till you pointed it out. What sharp eyes you have :D
myoce said…
Hi Lynne !

Thanks for leaving a comment [bloggers love comments^^]
Saw the dragonfly coz I was attracted by the suit's's something different than what SS501 has been wearing.

Anonymous said…
you may notice too that the skull is inside a ladybug pattern, whoever made that jacket must loved bugs hehehe
myoce said…
Hi Anon,

You've got sharper eyes than me !

Yup...I see the lady bug...specially
the antennae. Lady bugs are considered lucky, hope it brings good luck to Leader^^


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