...more wishes....

Anniversary Greeting card for SS501 from me

I guess I should say something today...June 8th, 2010...it's SS501's anniversary...
But I've got to go to work...
and I think my wishes above really come from my heart.
Instead I'll post this meager collection of their photos :



annacronism said…
Hi, sister Myoce.
Sorry I haven't posted a comment here in a few days. I have had computer problems. I finally got a chance to watch some videos by SS501. These are some talented young men. They can sing very beautifully, and they can really dance. I think I may just become a fan, too. Thank you for introducing me to them. Now I have another Kpop group to admire, along with DBSK, and my dear Ko Yu-Jin and Flower. I love Flower the way you love SS501, so I understand your concern for the group's future. I hope everything works out well for these adorable guys.
myoce said…
Hi Anna,
I hope your computer's alright now.
You could hear SS501's latest song in my blog from my playlist [the green box up here] . I love the first song, FOREVER, the lyrics are written by one of the members, Heo Young Saeng. I think the melody is sooo sweet and sad.
Thanks for your thoughtful comment, all the best for you on and off line^^

Love, myoce

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