A study of water and fish

Hi, I'm back.....got the laptop fixed, but I will have to buy a new battery. Hmm....time off line was filled with activities. including uploading my photos from the camera into the computer, so you'll get my photos instead K-pop and K-drama news. I like these photos because of the light effect on the water...dividing the fish pond into two. I darkened the photos in picasa to sharpen the effect.

Really love this dark background but some people don't like it, cos it's not 'reader friendly'.....I think it's 'photo friendly' though. Just love posting photos which have dark back ground now^^

Enjoy the fish......


You could see the pebbles on the bottom of the pond


Ok, let's see the interesting formation on the water...made by fish ? ^^
see below for clearer view...


Hyds said…
Good to see you're back. I like these photos of the fish.. It's clear and colourful. I could never get a still photo like this perhaps have to try harder :-)
Take care. Love, hyds
annacronism said…
Hi, sister myoce.
Welcome back, dear. I am glad you got your computer fixed so quickly. I have taken care of my browser problems, too. Hurray, for us both!
You should have whatever colors or applications you want on your blogsite, and don't worry what other people think. I like the black background, and your photos are breathtaking. Just beautiful. You are a talented photographer. I have taken some photos in the past, but nothing like the ones you have here. Take care, and be well.
myoce said…
Oh, Hyds...

You will be able to...soon...cos you're so good at it [photography]. All you need is time and a good object to shoot ^^

Love and love,
myoce said…
Dear Anna,

Thank you....me feel so warm cos of your words^^

Yep, aiming to please myself in my blog these days...can't seem to do it anywhere else...ha ha ha...

Wishing you the best in everything you have to do and everything you love to do, dear Anna !


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