Little Urchin Boys

Girls, if you wash your face regularly and do rigorous skin maintenance .....
you'll have skin as smooth and young looking as theirs ^^
In comparison......I will need an iron.....LOL

To an old woman like me...the SS501 members are boys...
and Hyun Joong sure looks a lot like a lost little urchin boy here ^^

woke up from sleep on the plane....
time and space disorientation ???
woman's instinct : to hug

traveling with a clear mind and skin...
make up free???
smooth and silky
woman's instinct : to touch

they love singing together....
please stay together !!

TS surrounded by SS501

Photo credits : as labeled. Thank you so much everyone for the beautiful photos !


annacronism said…
Hi, sister Myoce.
Girl, you will have to stand in line with this ajumma for that iron.LOL
Seriously, a young friend of mine very wisely told me that age doesn't matter when you love someone. (She is barely 20 and she has a crush on an actor who is older than Our charming Prince. To each his own.)
I say more power to her and to you. Love whom you want to love and don't worry about it, because love is the greatest gift we can give to others.
(Gutsy confession time here; I am almost 16 years older than BYJ, but I still adore him. On the other hand, there are some American actors who are that much older than me, whom I also adore.)
Take care and be well, and please try not to worry too much. Remember, you too are loved.
myoce said…
Oh, Anna !

So sorry...I got confused and didn't see your comment tucked away here. I published and as usual....forgot the place !

You are right Age does not matter, I am also much older than BYJ...he he

And KHJ is like a son ^^

Have a wonderful week, Anna.

aprilstar said…
You are so right ,loving is beyond age ,time ,nationality and (may I add)location .

For some unexplained reason I was pulled in by KHJ first time I saw him as Jihoo and went back in time to see him when he first started as SS501, actually no ,when he was still a little boy.

From then on I laughed with him during happy times,I cried with his sorrows and pain,felt sleepy when I see him yawning and sleeping .I can go on and on this boy now turned man is simply amazing.

I will always love him and wish him the best .

PS -I wish he will continue his first love-his brand of music .His singing has a soothing quality but he may not realized it . He doesn't have to hit high notes ,by itself it has that loving and warm feeling to it.
myoce said…
Dear Aprilstar....

Just in case you're still peeking in to my blog...first I'd like to apologize for not answering your comment. I'm sure there was something important last year that prevented me from replying right away.

I always go back and do a sweep on my comment list...but one or two always escapes me....miannhe...

I agree with everything you say about KHJ because I feel it too.
And also about his voice...
love it !

I still care about what happens to KHJ, I hope fame and fortune will not spoil his down too earth heart.

Thanks for the comment !

Warm wishes, myoce

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