SS501 - getting to know more about their music

Been a fan of SS501 more than 1 year now, and still keep finding out new things about their life and their music. Got to talking about SS songs in Fallen For A Star...and it made my fingers do the walking to You Tube [where else?]. So here's some findings ^^

I want to let you hear [if you haven't] a few [not all] OSTs that SS501 have sung, oh don't forget to turn off my play-list up there in the green box, so you won't have a headache :

First is If We Were Together, Strongest Chil Woo OST :

Video from YT by eagleboy821

Here are SS501 recording it :

Video from YT by jmyh12

Here are two photos of Leader at the recording session :



Photo credit as labeled

Second is GAZE, an OST for Heartbreak Library :

Video from YT by

Third are two OSTs for Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, the first one they sang as a group and the second one is sung by Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon [Baby] only :

Video from YT by

Video from YT by


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