KHJ not Joining BYJ's agency

Ok, now I get to post about my two favorite Koreans ^^

Bae Yong Joong's agency Big East denied claims that Kim Hyun joong has signed on

Source : Kbites

With regards to reports that SS501 Kim HyunJoong has joined actor Bae YongJoon’s agency, the agency Big East had come out to clarify that the reports are groundless.

A representative of Big East told MT StarNews on 7th June through a phone interview, “The rumours that Kim HyunJoong has signed on with us are groundless. It is not true that he has signed a contract with us. The meeting between Kim HyunJoong and Bae Yong Joon, who are close friends, have been misinterpreted.”

Meanwhile, SS501 recently released their new minialbum ‘Destination’ on 24th May.

S:MT StarNews


Well there's the denial of the rumor about KHJ joining BYJ's agency. I'm glad that's cleared up. For me...I'm happy enough with the fact that they are friends ....close enough friends for Yong Joon ssi to throw a birthday party for Hyun Joong at Gorilla on Saturday, June 5th...[shared by the pink princess in here ...seems some princesses and starlings had been in Gorilla on Thursday, June 10th^^] .

Photo credits : google image search [miane...I forgot from where I stole them sob]


zahra said…
Hi im a baefan from iran i saw ur beautiful blog and i enjoyed .i hope u notice my blog and guide me .i used ur last notes and pictures of course with
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myoce said…
Dear Zahra,

Hi, so sorry for very late reply because of my activities.

You also have a lovely blog, I like the nice colors and of course all the BYJ photos and Information.

Of course you are free to re-post any infos and photos from here, please credit the original poster and my blog^^.

Good luck with everything.
Your Baesister,
Anonymous said…
Ok, now I get to post about my two favorite Koreans ^^...

It was like those words came from my mouth :)

I've liked KHJ and now BYJ! Striking resemblance, but totally different personalities!

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