After MIA , some updates : vidz, new album pix, pix of Leader at the docs

Gone missing in action for a few days^^ cos I had to take care of my dad at the hospital. He's still there and I'll be going back there after work....taking a breather at home now as well as taking some clothes and things to bring to the's my hotel right now....

I'd like to apologize to the friends and visitors who took the time to comment, I've just been able to post but not able to answer your comments yet...hope I can do it tomorrow. Miane....

Here's a 2 min Love Ya vidz...thanks, Hanayuki !!

Video from YT by hanayuki3

As for the photo album that's included in the Special Destination Album,
you could click HERE to see the beautiful photos ^___^

Hyun Joong was spotted at the doctors !!
He was seen coming in to the hospital, at the doc's and with the docs...
..curious ?? Click HERE !

Hoping my dad gets well soon !
Hoping, Leader gets real well soon !

See Ya.....


annacronism said…
Hi, sister myoce,
Please, don't apologize, dear. I am sorry to hear about your dad being ill. I hope he is better soon. My prayers are with him, and you. Take care, dear.
aNggiT said…
myoce, hope ur dad will get better soon..joongana told me bout ur dad couple days ago..

bout that 2minute MV,i could say clearly that these 5 gorgeous man are back!!they really2 change from cute boys in to SEXY man..

jaga kesehatan ya ^^
myoce said…
Thank you so much Anna !
He's much better now and out of the hospital.
Love and take care, myoce
myoce said…
Thanks , Anggit...

Yep he's at home and resting now.
Much better and healthier^^

I ya nich I've got to take care of me, dah mulai puyeng puyeng...ceuk orang Sunda mah, 7 kuriling euy..

Makasih, mbak...

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