Kim Hyun Joong - recent vidz with him in it ^^

Video from YT by iheartdoubles501

Video from
YT by KimHyunJoongTH


annacronism said…
Hi, sister Myoce.
Sorry, I have been absent. I wrote part of the reasons on my Bae Fan blog.
I love your new theme! It's amazing! I love blue and green together; two of my favorite colors. This looks great! (I want one.)
SS501 are some really cute guys. I had not paid much attention, before. Too many things going on in my life, I guess. Sorry about that.
I am also sorry to say I have never heard them sing, but I can fix that. There are so many videos on You Tube, I will have to watch some of them, and become familiar with these 'cuties'!
I am glad you have kept posting pictures of them on your site; finally got my attention. (I guess I'm a bit slow, but I catch on, eventually, so be patient with me. Okay?)
Thank you, my dear, for opening my eyes. Be well, sister.
myoce said…
Hi Anna,

Sorry for late late reply...but you know why ^^. He he he it's good that you like KHJ, but it's ok if you don't and only like BYJ...First I liked him because he looked like BYJ but now I like him for himself ^^
I hope you'll like SS501's songs too...

Thanks for looking in on me !
Have fun in your blog, Anna !!
Love, myoce

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