Go for it, Hyun Joong !!


Sure am sick and tired of reading discouraging news in connection of the offer made to Hyun Joong to act in the K-drama Athena. Every one's criticizing his acting skills and the fact he is an idol. How could anyone get better if not given the chance ??!! Oh, I'd like to tell him to go for it, also to go for the possible acting project with BYJ [if it's true] . Leader, don't let hateful remarks kill your buzz , prove yourself and be confident.

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Sruthi said…
I'm hoping for the same too,to me his acting skills are as perfect as his singing skill. Go for it Kim Hyun Joong, ur fans are lined up to support you in every corner of this world.
~Regards from India
Anonymous said…
I share same sentiments with you.The fact that they want him, is seeking him out proves the production companies know he 's got the power whether attracting more viewers or simply because he can add value to their projects . He doesn't have to be the lead star, he can do cameo role which big star do as well ,the important thing is he likes to do it and he is willing to learn the ropes even as he already has world class status .Let those antis froth in the mouth all they want . In this world one can't make everybody happy -let them wallow in their miseries.

We will be there for KHJ ! Go for it KHJ !
aNggiT said…
That's rite!!!I'm totally agree wid u,myoce. Never give up, never give in,never let a ray of doubt slip in..n if u fall u'll never fail..u just have to get up n try again..
myoce said…
Hi Sruthi,

He he lot's of fans would say he is perfect ! To me even if there are deficiencies....Kim Hyun Joong did and will try to develop and better himself...he is an intelligent individual.

Thanks Sruthi, you have a nice blog^^ Please say Hi to HJ's fans in India [India ! wow wow]
myoce said…
Dear Anonymous,

Been holding myself back from devoting one long and rambling post about this. I got tangled up in 'discussing' HJ's acting skills in a forum [which I shouldn't have done] and came out of it worse for wear.

Too true, he has big power. And as for acting, I'm sure he will try his best to develop his acting skills if given the chance.

Couldn't help but agree 100% on the antis part !!

Thank you for the Intelligent and well put comment on the subject.
myoce said…
Hi Anggit !

Agree totally he he he...let us be supportive and spur KHJ on !

With people like us behind him? How can he not be motivated to succeed :)

KHJ Fighhhhtiiiig !!!
myoce said…
I mean...

Hyun Joong Fiiiigggghhhtttiiinnngg

[n nya k'tinggalan sanking s'mangatnya]
aNggiT said…
LOL..duuuuuh,excited bgt ya??hehehe..indeed!!!we will never let him go down..orang yg berbintang Gemini ga pernah putus asa *HIDUP GEMINI* :D btw,knp jd ngmgn gemini ya? hehe..mian
myoce said…
Ha ha ha Anggit....ada yg Gemini sama sama leader khan ?? [yg ngerasa kuping nya panas LOL]
aNggiT said…
yup!!me n my step sista' a.k.a joongana..hehehee..we're GEMINI's family LOL

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