A detour

A little detour from my obsession [err...lets call it for what it is, shall we? ...sob] for BYJ, KHJ and SS501, to see something a bit less gloomy than the absence of BYJ from the screen....[going on 3 years, now...YJ ssi, please let us see you on screen soon !!] ......also KHJ's and SS501's unclear and undecided status with DSP [although there's a gleam of bright light....the comeback album, soon to be released].

I love watching Rain and also Lee Hyori...in variety shows they come across as natural and not snobbish, even with their big names in the Entertainment industry. So I'll devote this post for them, hope you enjoy their interactions.

Video from YT by vincent2046

Click here if you'd like to see the fuller version^^ [oh I see Moon So Ri !!]

Video from YT by MsMerra


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