Blogging is lonely ?

Ok, it's the usual 'feeling sorry for myself time' in my blog. Yep, I 'm learning that blogging is mostly lonely business ...I mean, I'm talking by myself here. Anyway, I shouldn't be feeling this way....cos everybody will answer : You wanted it !! Seems I still want it and won't be stopping anytime soon . But have to brainstorm to get new ideas for revamping [sorry, nothing to do with vampires..he he he] this blog. I'd love to get a brighter background that suits my taste, so I'll be looking around some more.

I still take pictures, although not as often as I'd like. Here is melchan's's as lonely as me in my blog, I had a friend, but the friend got squished to death it [can't find another suitable pronoun for 'it' as melchan didn't name the mouse...I call it "Hi"] .

Regular visitors to my blog will recognize this cat, it's jabrix....she's an affectionate cat who loves to be around humans....specially her humans. I couldn't help posting these pix of her and her shadow. Jabrix 's shadow really looks more intimidating than her ^^ Look, her curvy tail comes out straight looking in her shadow, hmmm I suppose it's the angle [above pix].

I don't feel lonely anymore, since I could always talk to the mouse
and the cat if I need some company.OK, CU around...


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