Kim Hyun Joong had an accident on 12 May !

Oh, I just read the news in !!!!!!!!

Here is the news by heartface at allkpop :

It was revealed late that SS501’s leader and actor Kim Hyun Joong had been involved in a car accident recently.

DSP Media said on the 18th, “Kim Hyun Joong was driving on the 12th and he had a friend with him when they crashed into another car. He suffered injuries to his ribs and also got some bruises and abrasions. Due to his injuries, it will take two weeks for him to recover fully. At the Dream Concert on May 22nd, he will only perform ballad songs.”

The dance moves will be too hard to handle in his condition so he will sing the ballads Let Me Be the One and Just One Day on stage.

And thus their album will be delayed to early June instead.

Dear Hyun joong, please get well soon !!

Please don't overdo, let your ribs heal slowly as it should...please..


Anonymous said…
Wish KHJ faster and efficient healing. But learn how to slow down on your multitasking . You've work so hard these past few weeks and if there are lessons learned here-people who are tired and weary are vulnerable to accidents .So, please heed our pleas to you -slow down kid!Life is too precious .
myoce said…

Agree, if only Hyun Joong reads this...


ps.of all the 5 boys, Hyun Joong must have the most bruises, physically and mentally....sigh...

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