SS501 - recent pix-ses


Oh boy!...jealous mode overload...
look at their hands, Hyun Joong looks..err ???

Fan : Love Ya, Leadaah....


Omo...Hyun Joong, wake up from your trance plz.....

Photobucket hair cut ^^


Kyu will give this to???
Let Me Be The One plz.....


Hah ! Jung Min is Calling For You !!


Baby is really nice to the boy, ne !

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joongana said…
@myoce if look at this pict ...
they gain more weight?? leader bit chubby
Kyu n Min also...they have round face now..
myoce said…
You are right !
But I love chubby Leader ^____^
It's ok if SS501 members gain weight, because they have hard practice schedule and will have a lot of activities in connection with their new fantastic album !

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