SS501, Let Me Be The One to Love Ya ........sloooooooowly..

Hmm....this girl Ode....she's full of fun ideas...he this...

Thanks so much also to hjmasa ..

Video from YT by hjmasa

I can see leader now, and my heart hurts for him . This was the MV they shot at the 19th, a week after Hyun Joong's accident. At the Dream Concert which was on the 22nd, Hyun Joong got through the performance [with out dancing] with a shot of pain killers....wonder how many shots of analgesics he needed when making this MV ??

Leader...please, slowdown some more and don't over do ! How can we enjoy SS501's come back performances if you are hurting?

I read in news portals that before SS501 sang their new song [Let Me be the One] , Leader said "It's been some time. Though we were originally supposed to perform to our title track from our new album for today, but because of inevitable circumstances, we had to push back our plans for comeback. We want to say sorry to our fans. However, beginning from next month 4th onwards, we will be starting our activities with new song". After he said that, TripleS all screamed "kenchana/Kwenchanayo" or "It's all right"....everyone there could feel the overwhelming support for Hyun Joong and SS501. Fans just wanted Hyun Joong and all the members to be all wonder SS501 had tears in their eyes. How about us, overseas TripleS ? What can we do to support SS501?? We could buy their CD and their DIGITAL SINGLE. If you'd like to show your support for SS501 and their new Album, CLICK HERE !!

You could see this support here, in Talk time in Dream Concert :

Video from
YT by 3kimheopark , thanks so much !

SS501 - Let Me Be The One fancam :

Video from YT by bluepraise , thank you !


Nad said…
Shots of pain killers?!
Myoce, where exactly was his body hurt?
Did he have internal injuries?
myoce said…
Nad, I'm so late in answering this that you must have read the fan account about this. Yep, he had pain killer shots when performing for the MV shooting ...and I can't help thinking for the Dream Concert too...I read somewhere he jokingly said he could still perform even though on painkillers.
myoce said…
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