There's something sweet and pure about Naughty Kiss

Just can't restrain myself from commenting about Naughty Kiss [or Mischievous Kiss or Playful Kiss], just loving the drama, the diaries, the YT special ....don't worry, I won't 'talk' much...just about a few things seeping out of my mind.


Have you noticed....or got the impression .... that there's something sweet and pure about Naughty Kiss or Mischievous Kiss ??? Despite it's title, overall it's not that naughty.....imo, by many's not anywhere n e a r  naughty....kekekeke. Also....Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni really suit each other perfectly, just like BSJ's mom said in the drama ^^  


Cool, calm and collected Seung Jo, who comes across as an aloof guy.....and vivacious, fun-loving and talkative Ha Ni, who seems so silly at an adorable couple ! Could you imagine Seung Jo's life with out Ha Ni  ???? It would be soooo lonely and barren and...s o o o o   b o r i n g. For some one like Ha Ni,  life with out Seung Jo ....will probably be  c h a o t i c ^^ So it's wonderful for them to be together.


I guess it's better to see a drama in all it's complete entity before we analyze and pass opinions on it. Once I wrote here that Mischievous Kiss is like a slow blooming flower's petals opening I realize that while the  beautiful petals unfurl, the flower is releasing a sweet, sweet, fragrance. 

A naughty kiss from Ha Ni leaves Seung Jo speechless ^^

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[forgot to save some of the sources again...mianhe, 
tell me if anyone knows sob].


pinkymomo said…
hey Moyce

Love your wordings here. I won't feel bother if you write more ^^
myoce said…
Thanks, Pinkymomo !!

Writing about MK, out comes feelings of tenderness....dun know's like "love is fragile and have to be cherished"...that kinda stuff..

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