Kim Hyun Joong at Asian Games Opening Ceremony

This is the best and clearest in terms of AUDIO that I could find in YT....
I really wanted to hear Hyun Joong's voice !
So put the volume at maximum and  hear his voice.....

Video from YT by honeyhyunnies [thanks so much ! ]

Ohh...Hyun Joong is singing so joyfully.....really proud of him !

Kim Hyun Joong was invited  to sing with the 4 famous singers representing Greater China, he received the invitation from the Guangzhou 16th Asian Games committee more than a month ago - when he was still filming Mischievous Kiss - and we are sooo proud of him....we can imagine : SS501 members, his fans, his family and his country,  S. Korea.... is really proud of him. 

Don't know if there's a connection, but I also read that South Korea will host  the next edition of Asian Games. The 17th Asian Games will be held in Incheon. Here's some news on it from the official site of the current event : 

The 17th Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee sent to a delegation to attend the Second World Press Briefing of the 16th Asian Games which runs from July 20 to 23 in Guangzhou.

As the host of the next edition of the Asian Games, they came to join the Second World Press Briefing and tried to bring some valuable experiences back to their country


Am trying to gather nice pixes of KHJ in this great event...
will be updating this post accordingly ^^:

Arrival in Guangzhou  :

 Leader looks drop dead handsome in black.

Surrounded  by fans...




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pinkymomo said…
Kim Hyun Joong, we are so proud of you!
myoce said…
Yes yes yes !!

Very proud of Hyun Joong...I feel the same as his mummy....

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