Lazy me

Why am I soooo lazy ? Got to research facts and numbers and compile a presentation for a seminar to compile data and compose something for a health talk....both of which will be happening in the first week of December. And I have just been daydreaming about them. Got to get cracking  imejetly. Ok, I'll be neglecting you more and more, blog....couldn't be helped. 

I'm telling you this on purpose !!

Have you ever heard of throwing your bag/shoes/jacket/purse gee i forgot the word... or what ever ...over the fence ?? If you're on a journey going forward and there's a fence in front of obstacle that's hard to pass [or you're just lazy like me] ... motivate yourself to go over that fence by throwing your belongings over the you'll have to go over the fence to retrieve it and continue forward.

The logic is :On purpose I tell you all the things that I must do....I announce it loudly here in my blog, talk all about it to my friends and family [i threw smt over the fence ] and that will make my self think : " I have announced and told everybody what I must do, now I will be embarrassed if I don't do them !!" [ so now i have to go over the fence]  Whaddayathink?? Kekeke....

Ok, have a fence to get

Errr....I feel like a golden retriever....bow wow...

Something for you and me...

wagging my tail now^^  :




Photo credit as labeled from nao's blog...thank you !.


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