Bae Yong Joon - missing him dreadfully


What most Baefamily have been feeling in their hearts has overflowed and a member of Baefamily has already expressed it eloquently and spoke out-rightly about it [click here to read] . We Bae family have been writing gentle hints to Yong Joon ssi in the Korean Official Board....I've posted several post there about missing BYJ ...but I thought no one had read it....finally got discouraged and stayed silent. But considering recent developments ....maybe Baefamily's feelings are beginning to be recognized.....


Though I agree to some extend with the writer, I'm not taking sides on this issue....some do not agree with the writer on this matter, and some full-heartedly do....I think it's her right to write what she feels. *please don't get mad at me yet, read till the end of my post...Ok ? *.Recently we read that besides the Dream High project there will also be a video,“Bae Yong Joon, Holiday in Hawaii” aired in DATV, it will air on Oct 20th. And we are also expecting BYJ's book, the English ed. [huraaah!] to be publish in December and his book on wine to be published next year. Considering all me this means most of us will get to "see" a lot of Yong joon ssi......but why are most of us still missing him [me included] ?


I would like to air my own opinion on this. I think we Baefamily are a bit "K-drama" minded. Since we first got to know BJY through K-dramas, where in most of the dramas he plays the leading roles. The lead characters in dramas get a lot of air we see him a lot ! If it's an epic The's rather long....[well...the longer the better for us !!].We are emotionally involved through the drama.....going through happy times and difficult times with the characters......laughing...and crying with him.....we immerse ourselves in the story.....we walk with him... in his life in the drama. 

So I guess we are missing this kind of "closeness" with Yong Joon ssi.


To come to terms with our feelings of missing BYJ , when in fact he is " always present in public eyes " and shows himself to us in several projects  [except being the lead character in a drama], we first have to be determined and be willing to change our mind set. We have to understand and ...ultimately accept.. that Yong Joon ssi has his own dreams and goals that he wants to achieve....and has many responsibilities as befitting his position in the S.Korean Entertainment Industry and more the S.Korean Government.

Right now, as a fan all I can do is support Yong Joon ssi in any project he decides to carry out and wish him all the best in his life and his future !!

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Hyds said…
Dear Myoce,
How are you? It's been such a long while. When I read the part about KOB I felt a bit of guilt coz I haven't been there for a while but there are things which got in the way of course and our private life has always been in the top list. This lead me to think that things could be the same with YJssi. I totally agree with what you have said. This has been going on for quite a while and every one of us will certainly have their opinion on the matter.
We can only speak for ourselves and as for ME I support him in any way and although the drama hasn't been flowing smoothly as much as we want I believe he's still there. When I hear things like this I asked myself 'How much do we know of the real BYJ?'..
I am missing you and other sisters too.I've always cherish what BYJ gave us and that's the gift of friendship and closeness..I'd rather keep that in my memory.
Love loads, Hyds
Mikino said…
Thanks for sharing this pics Myoce!
Long time you not written, I missed you :)
Love, Mikino
myoce said…
Dear Hyds,

Of course, no one knows the real BYJ very well...not among his fans, anyway. We could glean things about him but our knowledge about him, or in this case, my knowledge about him is all mixed up----> off drama BYJ and drama character-s BYJ.

Because I don't really know him, I can't make assumptions and demands. That's my opinion.

Yes, I agree...the gift of knowing Baefamily and gaining lovely the loveliest gift BYJ nim has given..

Love, myoce
myoce said…
Hi Mikino !

How are you ? Missed you too.
I haven't written about BYJ a long time. Actually don't know what to write ^^

Are you still taking photographs ? [i haven't been to fb for a long time]. I have trouble uploading photos from my camera to my computer now, so photos in my blog so far...sob sob.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love, myoce

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