A note and a sandwich ^^

A note from me to you :

Hi, I'm in the process of changing the look of this blog, but unfortunately I haven't got it "right" yet. So, If you see strange things...it's ok...it's only me working behind this blog. Probably going to redo all over again cos it doesn't look good to me. Finally there's some respite from activities because of the Ramadhan month...so I got a few days off [yaaay!] . I'll be trying to make things look right ...and I'll try to not feel guilty if I don't blog everyday. Brought some work home as usual....but I'll wade through it, I'm sure.

Yong Joon ssi will be celebrating his Birthday nearing the end of this month.....makes me sad that we couldn't make another Bday project like a few years ago...we're all so busy [right, Hyds ??!!!^^]. I'm afraid if I take the initiative to start a project, I'm the one who's going to disappoint. It's nice to hear YJssi enjoyed his holiday in Hawaii^^

Waaa....SS501 members are pursuing individual activities....Leader with ISWAK and shooting in Bali last week....Young Saeng and Kyu Jong now in Japan [business or pleasure or both..not clear..and they didn't have any body guards with them], Jung Min busy with his online shop, and Baby going all over Asia for fan-meets ^^ I'm supporting all of them...sending positive thoughts their way.... Despite everything, I feel secure in their love for each other and their intent on keeping SS501 alive.

Hmm....you're all probably waiting for the sandwich, right ?
It's a really an interesting one, I promise...KKkekekeke...
How was it made?....welll......

You'll need these A.N.JELL- ingredients :

First put a delicious slice of Sukkie bread at the bottom...

Next, add a helping of a tasty Hongstar on top of the Sukkie bread,
place it so it covers the Sukkie bread completely...

Finally, put another delicious bread at the top,
a yum-yum Yong Hwa bread will do..

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta.......an "A.N.JELL" sandwich !!
ohmy...wonder who's idea it was....Keun Suk got squished flat !

Photo credits : as labeled, Daum.net and Allkpop.


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