Happy Birthday To Bae Yong Joon !

Happy Birthday To Yong Joon ssi !!!

HERE is something I made for you ^^

Y'know......I suspect that's not the first time the angel tripped !! He'd done it before !! [evidence below]. Yeah......that clumsy angel !!....^^ If I find that clumsy, clumsy angel...why....I'll.....give him .....a big kiss !!!





Photo credits : Arnaldo basini, BYJ Gallery


baemincoco410 said…
How did you spent yesterday ?

In the favor where Yong Joon exists,
I was able to get acquainted with you.

He gives all happiness.

I pray for your happiness.
myoce said…
Hi Baemincoco !

Sorry for late late reply.
My lap top's broken and I'm using the children's PC.

Thanks, I enjoyed BYJ's birthday in KOB with Baefamily there^^

I'm glad I got to know BYJ and through him, I get to know you !

Thanks for being my Baesis and my friend.

Much love, myoce
Anonymous said…
Good evening myoce
Japan is a midnight now.

Thank you for your answer.
Has lap top recovered?

I look at official South Korea every day.
I have been impressed by your warmth.
myoce said…
Hi Anon

[I'm so sorry is it Baemicoco?]

Thank you for asking...
My computer is bad, windows had to be re installed...so there's a lot that is lost...

But I'm glad I could still come here and see you and other friends and visitors^^

Oh, you come to KOB every day ? me too ~~ I hope things will get better in talk box ^____^

Thank you for you lovely comment !
Love, myoce
baemincoco410 said…
Oh,I'm sorry !
My name was not in the comment.

Yes, it is me that commented.

I am impressed by concy, your, and your warmth.

Because it is enclosed by the fan with wonderful Mr. Yong Joon, I feel happy.

Always Happy and smile!


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