Good Bye, sung by Jang Keun Suk

I just found Jang Keun Suk, and I think his acting is in a class of it's own...
now listening to him sing too....nice....

Video from YT by amazesing


Anonymous said…
Don't like KHJ anymore???
myoce said…
Hahahaha....Anon !!

I almost choked on my tea when I read your comment !!!!

Still and hope will always love Hyun Joong and SS501....why almost all this blog is dedicated to that dearest person and [his] group.

It's just because I recently watched You're Beautiful and was so mesmerized by JGS, PSH and Honki, that I decided to blog about them.

Right now I can't write much, which I tend to do when blogging on Hyun Joong....but I will definitely be blogging about Hyun Joong till I'm dazed ^^
Anonymous said…
Nice to hear, it is just that JGS is not nice to KHJ as Lee Seung Gi (??) is (even if they are competitors), that's why i don't like him. And seeing him on your blog just made me sad.
myoce said…

I haven't heard that.

What I know is that Jang Geun Suk was the first one offered the part of Gyun Pyo of BOF....but he turned it down, and acted in Beethoven Virus instead. Geun Suk said in an interview that Min Hoo played the part of Gyun Pyo very well.

There were some rumors that Geun Suk wanted the role of Ji Hoo instead...but I couldn't find any proof of that. But that is business, so I don't think it's personal.

For My Pet drama Hyun Joong was first rumored to act as the male lead ....but Hyun Joong's side [DSP?]didn't take it, instead Geun Suk got the role. So I suppose it's all business.

I like both of them...but of course Kim Hyun Joong is very special to me ^^
Anonymous said…
Yeah I read that JGS wanted the role of Jihoo but the fans of Hyun Joong fought for it. And so they came up with You are Beautiful. Park Shin Hye also went up for the role of Jandi.

Just wondering why Park Shin Hye did not accept Mischievous Kiss?? Anyway Jung So Min is more than good.
myoce said…
Hi again Anon [he he don't you have a name ? I've never held a long conversation with an "anon" b4....never's ok]

Well to answer your question, we have to consider "money" as the root of all decisions. Maybe their offer was too low for PSH's agency ?? Wouldn't it be less expensive to sign on a new comer ??

I think we have to consider money, not feelings of like and hate if we talk about entertainment business...

What I would like to think is that PSH doesn't want to take the role because she only wants kisses fron JGS !! wishful thinking.

Besides, it's sooo early after YAB that people are still thinking she's JGS's girlfriend like in the's hard to shake that loose.

omy....I've written an essay !! LOL
Anonymous said…
Hey, it was nice exchanging thoughts with you. I like your blog. Visiting it everyday just to see what you think of things.

Just to say that I liked JGS in Hwang Ji Ni (?) but then I did not see him again for a long time. In the meantime, I came upon KHJ and the rest is history.

Hope you will feel better and better. Cheers!!!
myoce said…
Hi Anon !

Thanks, I feel much better now..maybe due to some time off.

Oh, you've watched other dramas of JGS...I haven't. Anyway I've observed K-entertainment for sometime and haven't "come across" JGS bfore...maybe cos I don't watch a lot of K-dramas and movies ...and I'm too focused on Hyun Joong and SS501 ^^

Me enjoy our discussion too. Thanks for reading my bog !

Have a great week^^
myoce said…
I mean my BLOG not BOG hahaha
Anonymous said…
Hello. I just ran across this while searching for something and I find it nice to see there is a discussion about my two favorite stars without having the fans debate over who is better. It's tiring to see discussions about who is better and who is more famous etc when in fact the two are good in what they do and no need to compare them.

I am not a fan of K-drama's actually but the trailer of BOF caught my attention and naturally, I was immediately interested with KHJ for that matter and had since tried to find any more videos and news and songs by and about him. Then it was just recently that I saw Jang Geun Suk's pic in the Marry me, Mary and I also felt interested in him. I think the two are really good with what they do and more success for them.

I heard JGS was cast in You're My Pet though it is really ironic how it came to be considering the BOF issue of the Ji Hoo role. Hopefully, KHJ would be in another movie this time where he should play a more versatile character. They should at least give him a role that would reflect much of his personality. I never got to see it after WGM. His role in PK and BOF is kinda stiff and he deserved a lively character next. It would help him improve a lot to delve into other character roles.

God bless them more to be successful, JGS, KHJ and SS501 as a whole.
myoce said…
Hi Anon !

Yup, I agree with you as to the kind of roles they should offer KHJ for future dramas....don't give him the studious, quiet, calm, cool, introvert, all those kinda roles...he's done them in BOF and MK, it's enough doesn't bring out his potential...I want to see him in action !

I liked him best in WGM...and I like to see him playing around [energetically] with his SS501 brothers.

I wonder if the roles he was given has anything to do with his if he's too beautiful to be given action/emotive roles...KHJ himself once said :
"I'm not as soft as I look"...

Oh well lets hope for the best !

Oh, I haven't blogged about JKS for such a long time [SS501 also..sob] so busy, but I'm still a devoted electric eel and read every itsy bitsy news on Sukkie !!

Not so happy about My Pet [I think he could be given a more challenging role] but of course I wish JGS all the best !!...I'll definitely watch it...just like Marry me Mary.

I love KHJ ...and competition in my heart ^^

Thanks for the nice comment, Anon !
Warm regards ~~

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