The Free Falling Eel - me


Yep, still fallin' sign of hitting bottom yet....sighh....

Me sharing this cute one below [a CF] ....oh,...
how old was JKS in this ?...he looks 15... LOL !

Video from YT by keunchan84

Picasa artwork by myoce,
original pics credit to


bb said…
hey myoce, you do know that he starred with wuri yong joon in the untold scandal, ya? he's the young man up on the rooftop with him ^^
Nad said…
It's his smile...lights up his whole face and makes you want to smile too...
myoce said…
Hi bb !

Oh ! I didn't know that...
But I haven't watched Untold Scandal all the way through yet, only snatches that could be found in YT. But I'll be sure to go and watch it again^^

Thanks for the info, bb. Now to see that rooftop scene again !!

ps. even though i didn't leave any traces...but I LOVE all your new paces !! Specially the BYJ one looks so modern. Good luck in moving everything....muacks.
myoce said…

suppose to be :

I LOVE all your new places !

one more muacks^^
myoce said…

100% agree...Geun Suk's smile really breaks the breaks stone hearts !

Notice that KHJ has the same kind of smile? Both of them become little kids when they sincere...and we just melt when we see it...and get weak at the knees, no matter how old we are..

Of course I always smile back ^^

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